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overplant is a software development company focused on data recovery software research and development. Our software is helping customers recover their lost information with ease.

www.otraunit.com - We specialize in doing data recovery in a number of medias. The main areas on which we work out are, data recovery, disk recovery and digital photo recovery. We offer cost effective data recovery solutions.

OtraUnit Data Recovery

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OtraUnit Data Recovery is a RISK FREE and READ ONLY (812) 271-9959. It has both FAT Recovery and NTFS Recovery ability. It is completely safe to use to recover data after accidental deletion, format, re-partition, system crash and virus attack. Powerful and easy to use. A cost effective data recovery software when you need data recovery.


How to recover deleted files from NTFS partition?

Windows users are always haunted by how to recover deleted files from NTFS partition. Compared with FAT32, it is far more difficult to recover deleted files from NTFS partition due to its higher safety performance and sound management mode. That' s why many data recovery software offer only FAT32 data recovery function. OtraUnit Data Recovery, a data recovery software, is capable of recovering deleted files from NTFS partition, resolving problems for Windows users.