organic sprouts

Avafina Commodities offers ingredients produced following strict organic policies from plant selection to supply production. This approach reflects our commitment to reducing our impact on both people and the environment. As a user of our ingredients, you help us fulfill our commitment to protect biodiversity, cleaning the earth one farm at a time.

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Welcome to Avafina Commodities! We are a wholesale exporter and importer of the finest organic ingredients and raw materials from around the world. Servicing the North American market for over 20 years, we have grown into a leading organic supplier of wholesome organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on quality products, reasonable pricing, honest business practices and friendly service.

We continuously strive to supply and deliver products and services of the highest possible quality that not only meet our own rigorous internal standards, but more importantly, which meet or exceed the demanding requirements of our customers.

Our bodies are the environment. Supporting organic agriculture doesn't just benefit you and your family, it benefits the world. Making organic choices in your everyday life allows for an important cultural revolution where diversity and biodiversity are embraced and chemical toxins are radically reduced.

By supporting organic agriculture, you are leaving toxic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, GMOs, radiation, and antibiotics affecting the soil, ground water, rivers, lakes, atmosphere and ultimately, all living things, out of our planet. Organic should be celebrated at every table for a safer environment and a healthier longer life!