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Take control of your custody situation With Custody Toolbox 2 for Windows.

You've been meaning to get organized. You know how important child custody is. Your kids mean more to you than anything. It's your job to look out for their interests...their well being.

If you're in a custody battle or custody sharing situation, this program can help you.

Custody Toolbox is a Windows program designed to help you get organized in your custody situation. Organizing everything can be overwhelming. Custody Toolbox takes that pain away.

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Help your lawyer help you and your kid(s).

A typical divorce lawyer can have 100 or more cases going at once. If you want your lawyer to do the best possible job, you have to provide him or her accurate, organized information.

If you use Custody Toolbox to it's potential, you will empower your lawyer to do the best possible job in your custody case.

Custody Toolbox Will...

  • Enable you to collect and organize the information that you (or your lawyer) will need to help you keep or win custody.
  • Make it easy to keep track of your parenting-time schedule.
  • Make organizing your custody battle or custody sharing situation simple and easy.

Custody Toolbox will help you...

  • ...if you get along with your ex or not.
  • ...if you're currently in a custody battle or already have a parenting-plan in place.
  • giving you an easy-to-read, color-coded parenting schedule calendar.
  • giving you a powerful, searchable custody journal.
  • giving you a place to keep all custody-related information.

Custody Toolbox works on Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

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