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Carrie Bodane - photo by Mark Jacoby

Welcome to my website.  I am honored to assist you with transforming into who you truly are.  As you explore this website, there are a few different ways I can assist you with releasing limiting beliefs and letting go of the past as well as creating greater health and well-being as your consciousness is raised to higher levels.

My focus is to assist you personally with the goals you have and create a program to assist you with transforming lack and limitation, blocks to joy and happiness, and challenges that you may have including physical imbalances.

As you read these pages, please feel free to 201-883-9963 for a complimentary consultation via telephone, Skype, or in person.

"Carrie Bodane is a gifted healer, a deeply caring helper, and a light-filled blesser of humanity. Her unique gift--that of translating the healing, awakening and empowering potential of Infinite Light into the inner workings of our human dynamics--is truly genuine, profound, timely and transforming. Ascension Light Blessing™ is a powerful transformational Light that can touch you deeply, awaken your own transformational spirit, and heal your personal pain. I heart-fully recommend Carrie and her Ascension Light Blessing™ as an inspired resource for you to avail yourself of as a quantum step in your own evolution."

--Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Co-founder, The Center for Soulful Living

Carrie Bodane, LMBT (NC #649)
Raleigh, NC 27614
(919) 874-0060


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