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ProABD enables you to control every aspect of your auto shipping business in an effortless and seamless manner. Run your business anytime, anywhere.

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ProABD pairs sophisticated technology with an incredibly easy to use interface
that will forever change the way you run your business

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What is it?

ProABD is a comprehensive customer relations management (CRM) software for the auto transport industry, specifically for auto transport brokers. ProABD is the culmination of upwards of 20 years of experience in the auto shipping world. Every aspect of the auto transport brokerage business has been taken into account, streamlined and improved with ProABD.

From lead management and automated quoting to credit card charging and detailed reports, ProABD has everything you need to run your business effectively.

  • Auto Transport Broker Software
  • Automated Quoting Integration
  • Automatically Respond to Leads
  • Multiple Load Boards, One Click
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ABD Pro is packed full features to help you run
a successful and stress- free business

Automatically Respond to Incoming Leads

Automatically price and respond to incoming leads and have ultimate control over lead assignment.

Automated Credit Card Charging

Securely and easily process credit card transactions

Online Customer Order Placement

Provide your customers the convenience of placing their order quickly and securely online.

Load Board Integration

Easily post your loads to the top load boards in the industry!


Control every aspect of your business.
Anytime, Anywhere.

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Our Services

A one-stop resource for your auto transport brokerage.

Send Emails

Automatically send quotes, follow-ups and status emails for maximum convenience.

Transport Auto Quoter

ProABD is fully integrated with TAQ. Instantly and accurately price your leads.

Credit Card Charging

Charge your customer's credit card instantly and securely thanks to our Authorize.Net gateway.

Post to Load Boards

We have integrations with many of the major load boards in the industry.

Online Order Placement

Give your customers the convenience of placing their orders online, 24/7.

Easily Manage Orders

ProABD allows you to easily enter, track and update

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ProABD is not only the best auto transport brokerage software
but it is also the best value

  • $149.95 per month
  • 1 User
  • Membership to ProABD
  • Send Emails
  • Post to Load Boards
  • Manage Leads & Orders
  • Access to PriceBot
  • 4084649482

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