Starting with Service

Every client has individual requirements demanding unique solutions.

Inlet Separator / Coalescer SkidThe ability to listen, understand, interpret and meet customer needs are vital in our business.

Since 1979 we have been doing just that, and we are proud of it.

Drawing from extensive experience in the industry, our personnel undertake each and every project with the kind of confidence that only comes from specialized knowledge and experience.

Our reputation and long term client relationships are built on quality, quick delivery and the use of innovative production methods aimed at maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs.

We believe our commitment to this strategy will be beneficial in establishing new relationships in the future.

Moss Fabrication specializes in the rapid delivery of skids due to our unique manufacturing method. We manufacture and stock components of skids, enabling rapid assembly of the complete package. This method allows us to assemble many skids in 2-3 weeks time, without having to modify them after the fact.

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