The exciting new game show concept

Inter-Stellar Patrol

Find out more about the existing new childrens' game show coming soon to YouTube, Twitch and Free-to-Air TV near you... Featuring the latest in video game technology, and the most advanced computer-based simulation technology ever used in a game-show format; is sure to leave children entranced and entertained, and educated.


INTER-STELLAR PATROL is an exciting new television and live streaming children's' game show concept. Focusing on general knowledge, and video-game challenges, this show expects to take the concept of children's game shows to a new level of excitement and challenge, while will developing pedagogical advancement for participants and audiences alike. Not only will this be a show that contestants can interact with, the viewers at home, on their mobiles, tablets, consoles and even computers can join in on the fun; participating in online challenges, and even playing the games the contestants play, in real-time. Find out more, or consider an investment discussion. Contact Marketing and Opportunity at RWB Productions Film and Television.

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