Two original Seattle indie-music scene-makers have reunited, pushing the "Seattle Sound" (which they helped to create in the mid-'70s) into the next century. The result: MYNDE. Bandmates Rhine O. Ceres and Geoff Takashi Cade, co-founders of the influential early "Seattle Sound" bands the Telepaths and the Feelings flex their musical muscles to project the independent garage spirit of alternative rock into this brave new digital age. Help yourself to free music downloads of the complete Mynde songs offered below, or order Mynde's full-length music CDs from and join forces with the indie-music revolution.


Check out Mynde's 2010 release "FOOLS"! Access all the songs for free! On this new album Geoff sings lead vocals on three trippy tunes, and Brian shares with us his thought-provoking composition "There's More..."! Also included are "I'm A Man" and two other American blues classics, Rhine's "Born On Christmas Day", a song from the Hendrix ouvre, and Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust"! Bid adieu to the first decade of the XXIst Century with rock music from Mynde, no fooling.

Coming soon, the newly Mynde-certified solo albums from Rhine Ceres ("Santa's Six-Pack"), Geoff Cade ("Almost Geoff"), and Brian Hoyle ("Portland Bound")!


Peeks and Valleys is the latest collection of tracks from Mynde! The album includes covers of three Yardbirds songs from the 1960s (For Your Love, Shapes of Things, Heart Full of Soul), a Yardbirds' blues-standard which morphed into a new song (New Train), two vocal performances by Geoff (Ladybug and Sonic Liberator), Brian's heartfelt ballad (All of the Time}, two trip-hop contributions from Rhine (American Dreamers, Other Words), the rockin' hit "Sound Safari", and a children's song (The Farmer In the Dell)! Rock on!!!


Click for hours of Random Excess Electronic Rock Jazz. And check back often, there's more to come!

Click on the art to your left and listen to Mynde's 2003/4 release "Rockertopia: Start noW!" This three disc album includes the 11 song rock album "Now"; the hour-plus instrumental called "The Omega Song"; and a work in progress entitled "A Celebration of the Soft Fire", a dramatic/poetic piece.

Hear Mynde going to school on select mix of blues standards recorded live in the year 2000! The Mynde Blues Orchestra, featuring nylon string guitar, two electric guitars, bass, harmonica, keyboards, drums, congas, and two vocalists will educate you to appreciate the original blues! Check them out! Click on the artwork for your free mp3 downloads, for a limited time only!!!


Now hear Mynde's Y2K studio album "The City of Light" in its entirety, before we all end up on Aldebaran! Click on the album's cover artwork to access the songs, and experience this epic science-fiction space-rock opera about the battle for the survival of the "Library Planet" for yourself!!!

Mynde's fifth major release, Internet Ghostown, tells a fantasy story about computers, the internet, and the first Gen-Xer elected President of the United States.


Mynde's album "Whalin' (or) Moby Dick" takes on Melville's classic from blow hole to tail fin. Tunes like "Whalesong," "Sail Away," and "Captain Ahab" rock like the heavy sea and grab you like the unforgiving deep.

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This single CD features a full length CD's worth of highlights from Mynde's two-hour plus alternative rock opera interpretation of Shakespeare's last and most universal play The Tempest. Also includes some different mixes and bonus track. The full version of this rock opera should be available soon complete with lyrics and 20 page booklet. In the meantime, enjoy this highlights CD.

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Now you can hear Mynde's double-CD grungadelic rock opera based on Shakespeare's magical last play The Tempest. Enjoy the tones of flute, strings, sax, synth, and choir as well as the usual alternative rock vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. This recording represents Mynde's SmiLe and Sgt. Pepper all rolled up together into one big enchillada.

978-526-3562 shows Mynde in their natural enviroment - live! These improvised instrumental jams we recorded at The King Theater in Seattle on a memorable Halloween night. Take a Voyage to Planet X, and never come back the same way twice.

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504-332-3148 is a collection of grungedelic sea-pop anthems patterned on the mythical adventures Odysseus recounted in Homer's ancient Greek epic poem "Odyssey." With expansive musical vision, also solid roots in the minimalist, distortion drenched, hard-edged sound of the original Seattle scene, MYNDE's "ODYSSEY" takes you on a musical trip full of hard-rock myth, mystery, imagination, and mysticism.


Future plans include conceptual projects tied to album-length music videos, CD ROM.


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